3rd Class

We have been studying the Irish weather and recording our results.

Our Artwork has explored Stars and Things on a String.

We’re also thinking about our projects on Animals.

Life is always interesting in 3rd Class! 


A visit from Sarah

On Wednesday, we welcomed Sarah (Poppy’s mum) into our classroom to talk about the history of their family. We wrote down questions in advance and had lots ready to ask. Sarah answered all of our questions excellently and had so many interesting things to tell us. We learned SO much.

We are doing a poster about our own families and are learning about different types of evidence as well such as : oral evidence, documents, pictorial evidence and lots more.

We can’t wait to present our posters next week. Thank you Sarah for your fascinating facts and for your time.

Orienteering with 4th Class

Yesterday, we did some orienteering with 4th class around the grounds of our school. It is called ‘photo star orienteering’. We got a grid with numbers on it and one photograph at a time (12 photographs altogether) and we had to go and find the object in the picture and the letters on the object. There were two letters on each object and those letters made three separate words. Each group of four had good fun trying to find out what the three words were. We saw such excellent teamwork skills in all groups. Well done. 


Third Class! 

Third class has been a wonderful year this year, I have learned so many things. I have enjoyed playing tennis with my friends. Recently it was sports day, we had such a good time. At sports day my class were supportive to me, some people didn’t get medals, but there is always next year. We had a really fun time. 

We also had our school tour. It was such an exciting school tour.

 We are excited to go into 4th class next year and learn more. Our projects went brilliant this year, I loved everyone’s project on animals I also enjoyed doing art,p.e, sphe and studying for the end of year assessment. I can’t wait till next year.

By Lily

School tour to Loughcrew Castle and Gardens

We had a great time on our school trip with 4th Class to Loughcrew Castle and Gardens. We were in five groups and each group did different activities. We each got to try out every activity. Some groups were zip lining, team building, climbing a wall and doing various obstacle courses as well. We loved our visit. 


Ancient Egypt! 

We are learning all about Ancient Egypt at the moment and we are doing lots of work in lots of different subjects to learn more. 

Alessia, or should I say ‘Cleopatra’ came to visit our classroom and answered our questions about life at the time and she had some fascinating things to say.

We wrote diary entries about life at the time, we designed headdresses and we made paper plate Egyptian collars. 


Project presentations! 

Over the last fortnight, we have been doing our project presentations. We got time to prepare and we presented the projects to our classmates. Our classmates then asked us a few questions. The standard is so impressive and everybody has done such a wonderful job. Here are some photos of the presentations in progress. 

Emma presented her ‘Cats’ project.


  Charlotte presented her ‘Koalas and Kangaroos’ project. 

Alessia on ‘Giraffes’   

Scarlett on ‘Polar Bears’ 

Rebecca on ‘Robins’  

Stay tuned for more photos, as the presentations continue. What a great bunch. 

The Book Fair! 

This week, we also got to visit the book fair, which was just SO exciting. The book fair was brimming with amazing books and even Diane, Ms Willoughby and Laura wanted to take home lots of books. 

We can’t wait to choose our books and read our new exciting stories!