Our trip to Deansgrange library 

On 26th October 2016 we went to the Deansgrange library.It was very fun and we walked there.It wasn’t very far anyway.We listened to a woman named Debbie Thomas talk about stories and how lucky we are to have them.We also got to see some books she thought of. As I already have said,it was VERY fun.Then we walked back to the school and talked about the stories she made for a while.

By Blake Hayes 3rd class.Goodbye!ūüėä.



Starting multiplication!

Today we had lots of fun brainstorming words that come into our head when we think of the word ‘multiplication’ and we came up with some excellent ideas like: times, multiples, groups of, bundles of, times tables etc.¬†

We also starting doing some addition seStntences and multiplication sentences to show our two times tables.

We practised number patterns on our interactive 100 square and we also listening to a number facts song. It was a busy day but we did lots of excellent work. We are starting to get the hang of multiplication and with plenty of practise, we’ll know our tables!

Try your own patterns on the 100 square here:


Try your 2 x tables here:


Harvest Assembly

Today we performed our assembly for some of the Third Class parents and for the whole school! It was great and we all did a wonderful job! Our voices were so clear and we were really confident at reading out our lines! Wow! 

Well done Third Class! 


Caricatures for the PTA

We have also been busy creating our very own caricatures for the mug. We designed a self-portrait on an a4 sheet and we traced over it in either green, red or blue. 4th class kindly let us see some of their creations, which were wonderful. We really enjoyed it and our work turned out really well! 


Practising for the Harvest

We have been busy practising for the Harvest assembly over the last weeks. We can’t wait to perform our drama, song and rap next Monday! We have also been busy collecting, making and gathering things for our costumes! How exciting! 

Here we are practising our songs in the church!