The Stone Age!

We have also been looking at The Stone Age and we have come across lots of interesting new words like ‘nomad’, ‘hunter-gatherer’ and ‘flint’.

Check out this website for more exciting information and a chance to test out your new knowledge,

Ms Willoughby

Amazing art!

For the last fortnight,

We have been working hard at our painted targets. We started by brainstorming a list of warm and cool colours that we could use and learned about making an ‘arc’ movement to create our targets. We began by painting them and then we arranged them onto black paper in whatever way we liked. We also wrote a personal target to go with them. The results were very interesting and we came up with really creative pieces.

Check them out below,


Here are some of the finished pieces!


We are also working on an art competition for the festival of inclusion and the title is ‘Celebrating difference’.


We are enjoying all the art activities!





Place Value, HTU and Rounding!

We have been learning ALL about Place Value, HTU and rounding over the last week and we’re having great fun! We have also become very used to sitting in our Maths places and we have welcomed Ms Boyd into our room!

We listened to this song today to help us to remember to rules for rounding to the nearest 10 and rounding to the nearest 100.

Have a listen and sing along to revise the rounding rules!