Christmas Craft! 

This year, we decided to do a Christmas craft that was GREEN. We are trying to minimise litter and waste in the school as part of  Green Schools and we picked a recyclable craft made with toilet rolls and a series of other materials. Well done Third. They look really creative and colourful! 

By Emma
By Martin

By Ella 

Drama based on our class novel, ‘Tom’s Sausage Lion’

We have been creating some still images from our novel and discussing different scenes that happened in the book, which we have just finished. 

Each group got four scenes and had to create some still images and thought tracks based on the scene.  Here are some of the results! 😀


Clare and Tom waving goodbye and feeling like royalty at the end of the novel.   
Tom confronting his classmates who don’t believe he saw a lion.   
Tom visits Clare’s house with the lion to prove the lion is real.  
Tom and Clare waving goodbye to the lion. 


We have just started looking at Division and had a lot of fun separating our lollipop sticks, cubes and straws into groups and ‘sharing’ them between two and four. 

We got the hang of it and cannot wait to practise even more! 

Take a look at our activities below! 



Our theme at the moment is ‘Pastimes’ and we have been looking at this in lots of different subjects. We have been learning how to make a still image and have been also critically reflecting on our dramas to make them even better! We also did some twin interviews which were lots of fun!

Each group got a picture and we had to create a still image to represent the picture. We talked about what worked well and what could be even better about our still images and offered each other advice. 

We are a creative bunch! 

Roisín and Ross recreating the Olympic gold medal, won by Katie Taylor.