We have been SO busy working on our projects. This year, we’re doing animals and can’t wait to start putting it all together. 

Take a look at our work in computers. 


Peace Proms 2016!

We took part in Peace Proms 2016 in the RDS in Saturday and it was SUPER! We really enjoyed the concert, especially the Pop Medley. We did some really super moves during some of the songs and sung our hearts out. What an unforgettable experience!  Well done to everyone who attended. 


Science experiments with tennis balls!

This week we were testing to find out ‘Does temperature affect how high a tennis ball will bounce?’. It was really exciting to test a ball at room temperature, a cold ball and a warm ball. We made predictions and then we tested our question, making sure to keep the test fair at all times. Our results showed that that heat makes a tennis ball bounce higher!

We got to use so many skills: measuring, procedural writing, making predictions and lots more!