The Vicious Vikings!

Over the last few weeks, we have been busy learning about The Vikings. Oscar performed a pupil in role for us and worked really hard at gathering props, answering our tough questions and staying in character. We were so impressed! Check out his vicious pose below! Keelin and Laura also escorted his character ‘Mr Olaf’ back to Scandinavia, thank you girls. 


We have also been busy creating a Viking scene in groups. Groups were were responsible for creating an ocean, Viking warriors, a longship and paddles. We also created other designs to go with the scene. This is week 1’s hard work! 

Check out our progress on the second week!

And the finished piece! 

Well done third class! Such wonderful team work! 


At the moment, we’re busy learning all about time.

Here’s a clock that you can try to use at home. It shows you both the digital clock and the analog clock so you can check your answer 🙂

Have a look and see if you can get the correct answers.