Seo Faisean i gCill an Ghráinsí

Rinneamar an Seo Faisean inné sa seomra ranga. Bhíomar ag caitheamh a lán éadaí difriúla agus bhí cúpla daoine ag léamh amach píosa chomh mhaith. 

Féach ar na pictiúir: 


2D Shapes By Shane

In 3rd Class we’ve been looking at 2D Shapes,we learned  a lot of things about them. We had a Shape hunt previously and that was so fun! We traveled around to 3 places in the school the art room,p.e hall and the computer room we found lots of shapes in only 3 rooms!

We had lots of fun finding loads of 2d shapes at the end we looked at all the shapes that we could find. 

Ms Willougby even did it as well! In my opinion it was the best maths class yet!

Shane C😀

2D Shape Hunt

We have been looking at 2D shapes in the classroom and have been learning all about them and how some ‘tessellate’ and some don’t. Tessellation means that a shape can fit into another evenly leaving no gaps. Have you ever seen floor tiles or bricks? Just like that! 

We went on a shape hunt and found some really interesting things. Shapes are all around us and we found some really interesting patterns! 

Ms Boyd took a group, Ms Malseed took a group and Ms Willoughby took a group and we all went to different places around the school; he computer room, hallways, art room and the hall.

Take a look at us on our shape hunt. 


Musical fun! 

Today we listened and responded to the song ‘The Clog Dance’ by a man called Ferdinand Herold. We took it in turns to be the conductor of the class and did movements to follow the beat. 

Each group had a leader and the leader came up with movements to suit the piece and the class followed the movements. We really enjoyed it and loved being creative! 

Ms Malseed is also in our classroom at the moment, helping out and soon she will be teaching us as well! 

Projects :) 

We are very busy getting ready for our projects and are doing project work twice a week for homework. 

We spent computers last week creating our webs and some of us are now beginning to do our introductions.

We’re getting much more confident using the computers and can’t wait to begin to piece our projects together. 

Take a look! 


Project Advice from 4th Class 

A few children from 4th class came into the classroom to show us their projects from last year and to offer us some advice on our projects. Our projects will be due in March and we are busy researching at the moment. 

We got some much advice and useful tips and now we feel confident about starting. Thank you Fourth Class. 


Stations in Maths

Ms Willoughby and Ms Boyd have been busy in Maths and so have Third Class. We have been doing stations once a week on lots of different topics. This week, we’re looking at time. 

We had three activities and the children changed activity after ten minutes. We were doing some renaming, digital to analogue and word problems. We all really enjoyed stations and can’t wait to do it again next week. 

Take a look at the children busy at work.