States of matter!

On Friday, we learned all about ‘States of Matter’ and we also learned how to sort materials into the solids, liquids and gases. We found a really interesting fact about water, it can be all three, but not at the same time (ice, steam and water)

We also looked at a website we all enjoy reading in class called ‘Ask About Ireland.’ Here is the link and there is also a game on the site to practise your new skills. See the link below!

Have a look around your house and see if you can sort the items into their category. Is it a solid, a liquid or gas?

5th class and their amazing project! 

On Thursday, we visited 5th class and we got to see their amazing project for the Young Scientist. We got to move around each station and work in pairs, to see all the great work they did. 

They were so confident and had SO much information. We learned so many new words including: upthrust, bulk-heads, displacement, buoyancy and so many others. They were testing to see how cruise liners and ships float. It was really interesting. 

Thank you Ms O’Connor and 5th for teaching us so much. You all did a great job!