Nativity Silhouettes

We have been doing lots of exciting projects in Third Class and this included our nativity silhouettes. 

We started with cool colours like blue and white and created a circle. Then we continued with this circular pattern to create a lovely, creative background. After these had dried, we then began designing a silhouette of the nativity scene and created some wonderful work. 

Take a look! 


Practising for the carol service! 

3rd-6th class have been practising hard for the upcoming carol service on Monday, the 19th of December. We are excited to show off all of our hard work and our super songs! 

Here are all the classes doing a performance of a few big songs they will sing on the night! 

We also had a dress up day in aid of Focus and Concern and there were lots of creative Christmas outfits. 


Experiments on Sound

We have been creating some great sets of earmuffs in Third and have been investigating ‘Which material is best at blocking out sound?’ 

It was wonderful to see the children working so hard, investigating, making, discussing their ideas and working as a team. 

Take a look at their work so far! 



Things are very exciting in Third Class at the moment because we are designing an experiment to create a set of earmuffs to block out sound and find out which material is best. 

The children designed their plans today in groups of three/ pairs and will begin making their creations next week. 

See some of their work below.