A Hop, Skip and a Jump!

We were so lucky to have Mark McCabe from Skip Hop in school yesterday. Every class in the school enjoyed a session with Mark. He taught us lots of cool skipping moves! Here are some photos and videos of us enjoying our day! We even had a Skipathon in school today so that we could practise our new moves! Thank you Mark for a great day. : )


Skip Hop – 3rd Class from kotgschool on Vimeo.

Projects and class work.

3rd class are all very busy working on their first big individual project. Everyone has chosen their Animal topic, has completed their project web, along with their introduction and is well on the the way in their research. The computers and library in Kill o the Grange are all working overtime!

Meanwhile our general work continues. We have been learning about all sorts of graphs in Maths, Roman times in our History,practising our dictionary skills and learning about An tEarrach in Irish. We have been enjoying working with other teachers: Darren, who has been helping us with our GAA skills, Ms Willoughby, who has been doing some Music with us and Bryan, who will be coming on Friday for our final day for Junior Achievement.

Biodiversity Week


As part of our green efforts to mark Biodiversity Week this week 3rd class have been busy planting flowers to brighten up the school. Here are a few photos of us hard at work!

Biodiversity Day

As part of the work for our next green flag we had a Biodiversity Day today in school.  In 3rd class we planted up the window boxes and added some extra flowers to other containers in the yard.  We first talked about what biodiversity actually meant and then we studied the topic “Alien Invasion”.  We learned how invasive and non- native species. We concentrated on our native red squirrel and the effect of the introduction of the American grey squirrel in 1911.

Did you know red squirrels are extinct in England and Wales? We hope that doesn’t happen here in Ireland!

National Tree Week

On Wednesday 3rd class revised the work they had done National Tree Day last October where they talked about the importance of trees and how we can both use and enjoy them. They also learned about the different leaves and seeds. They then went outside to see what different barks and buds they could find. When they came back they painted trees in Art class .

School Yard Maths

Today 3rd class were very busy measuring out in the school yard. Line markings, walls, windows, trees, cars,sheds, gates,even Mr  Gavin’s head were just some of the things measured. Our metre strips were very busy.


3rd Class are very excited to be starting their individual projects this week. Everyone has chosen their animal topic and tomorrow we will be organising our web plans in computer class.