Our Super School Tour to Ardgillan Castle


Today, 3rd and 4th class made their way to Ardgillan, to visit the castle and take part in some amazing activities with Activity Nation. We started with some team-building activities which were great fun!

Here’s us playing the first icebreaker.

IMG_7318We then took part in four different activities: Archery, Paintball, Tobogganing and finally, Rock climbing (this was really tricky but a lot of fun)

Here are third class preparing for their downhill dive.



Patrick, Eavan and Ben D ready for the challenge ahead!


We also did many other exciting, challenging and wonderful activities.

Here are a few of us doing archery.



Isobel (4th) trying out some Archery!


Sam (4th) focusing on the task ahead.


And……… then we did some rock climbing!

This was very tricky and we all tried so hard and did a wonderful job!

What a wonderful day! We all really enjoyed it!

The best part was how kind everyone was to each other and the instructors also said we were very well behaved and lovely to work with. WOW!

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