Third class!

So far, we’ve had a very busy year! We collected, organised and handed over the 194 shoeboxes over during November! Wow! Mr McNicolas also helped out!

We planned, practised and performed our Harvest assembly on the 12th of October for all the parents in third class and the rest of the school. We really enjoyed learning our lines, narrating, rapping, performing still images, singing, chanting and showing the school what Harvest is ALL about!


We visited Deansgrange library and found out all about planting and what plants need to enable them to grow. We also got to draw our own pictures of plants, too. It was SO much fun and we learned a lot about biodiversity (the Green Committee were thrilled)

At the moment, we’re learning all about Fractions and we even learned a rap written by Ms Willoughby! ”Fractions, fractions, it’s clear to see, two halves make a whole, 1, 2,3 etc.”

We are doing lots of work with our fraction walls- try and practise here with the interactive fraction wall

You can also match up what ‘equivalent’ fractions are, too!

We also had our Christmas fair last Saturday and we designed a lovely Christmas door hanger. It took quite a while to make, but we did a great job! Oscar and Lydia also won the Lego competition and you can see their clever creations below! Well done! Lots of updates to come 🙂

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