Back in the year 1930,

There lived an old man named, Bertie,

Who walked up a hill,

And thought it was brill,

But then he fell down and was dirty.

Well done, Sam!

Author: Sam K

9 thoughts on “Limericks!

  1. We can make a great Irish sandwich from the Irish spellings, yum!

    Is maith liom aràn agus subh agus bainne ag ól. Robbie .Thank you, go raibh maith agat, Ms Willoughby, bhí mór tuirse orm lá atá inniu ann.

    I also know now that ‘lth’ means leathanach which means page…not ‘ith’ 🙂 .

    Glad you’re so good at Irish. Learning so much from you. Thanks so much Robbie agus Mamaí .

    Ceapaim go bhfuil to go hana iontach ag teagasc na gaeilge; ach, Ms Willoughby, níl mé cinnte go raibh mo gaeilge ceart. Appreciate everything you’re doing…and I’m re-learning gaeilge freisin!!! Ta sásta agam!

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