And the winner of the recount competition is……

The Winter Hedgehog

Hello there, my name is Ms Hedgehog. I am going to tell you a funny and frightening story that happened to my son, Harry Hedgehog.

All the hedgehogs had gathered in a wood, to put together all the leaves, moss and the last straggling bits of dandelion fluff. While us mums were talking about how we were going to keep all the little hedgehogs away from Winter and Heather Greenwood was explaining how to make a really cosy kid next, and that Lily, her daughter never wanted to get out of her nest. Then I picked up my cars so that I could still listen, then I looked around, then I turned around and gazed at my son, he was walking around in circles. Every 5-10 seconds, his prickles pricked UP!

I will continue this tomorrow,


We don’t just sleep in the Winter you know!

Written by: Anna O

Illustrator: Anna O

Second and third place will be announced tomorrow.

I am so proud of your work, I can’t wait to hear them in the Author’s Chair tomorrow 🙂

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