Busy bees in third class!

Well done to Sam, last week’s ‘Dalta na Seachtaine’.

We had another great week. We learned a new song called ‘Bualadh Bos’, here’s the link so you can all practice at home.

We had an exciting Science lesson where we learned all about ‘insulating’ materials. We found that cotton wool was a good insulator because it kept the water warm. Plastic wasn’t the best insulator because it allowed some of the heat escape and didn’t insulate it as well as the tin foil and cotton wool.

In Maths, we are still learning all about fractions and are moving onto ‘tenths’ this week, how exciting!

Here’s a great website where you can practice answering the questions and building a fraction wall. http://www.topmarks.co.uk/Flash.aspx?f=Fractionsv7

In History, we learned all about Feasts and festivals in the past. Where does ‘San Fermin’ take place?

Looking forward to another busy and exciting week in rang a trí.

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