Our Perfect Poetry

Today, we created some poems as a response to the poem ‘The Wishing Flower’ by Gareth Lancaster.

Have a look at our poetry. Our task was to create a poem, based on wishing or getting a wish, with verses containing four lines and a rhyme every second line. It was a challenge for third class and we came up with some great poems. Thank you to Robyn, Gwen, Rory, Tadhg and a few others, who came up to The Author’s Chair to present their perfect poetry. I am looking forward to reading the rest tonight. Great job third class.

Robbie D did fantastic handwriting today, well done Robbie 🙂

A super poem.A piece of great work by EdwardA lovely piece by GwenWell done Aaron, super work.A lovely piece by Sam

8 thoughts on “Our Perfect Poetry

  1. Hi again hows it in Ireland its great here I really miss you guys and my uncle is getting maried tomorrow
    So I hope to see you soon.

    • Hi Oz. We all hope you’re having a lovely time in South Africa. How’s the weather?
      Hope your uncle has a lovely day.
      We have our carol service on Monday and we’re really looking forward to it.

  2. Hi guys its really hot here and theres been a few thunder storms but its fine today I went to this awsome place called acrobranch it was cool there its like zipit in dublin so I hope to see you soon.

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