Another busy week í rang a trí

Hi everyone,

Another busy week in third class. We are learning all about ‘An Teilifís’ as Gaeilge. We are all ‘clear as glass’ about our 6s and now we are moving onto x 9.. In English, we read a humorous story called ‘Anna’s Six Wishes’. We really enjoyed it. We will be making connections with our novel ‘Tom’s Sausage Lion.’ We are also redrafting our creative writing from last week.

In R.E today we learned all about ‘ultimate questions’, questions with answers and opinions questions. It was a very interesting class discussion. We also read the poem ‘The Crayon Box that Talked’ which taught us all about how we are all ‘unique’, but when we come together as a class, our picture is complete.The children designed a crayon with their strengths in the centre, and what they want to work on in the crayon. I’m looking forward to seeing those tomorrow 🙂

Here’s a word problem for you all. Good luck.

I went to the shop and bought 6 jars of pickles. If each jar has 9 pickles in it. How many pickles will I have altogether?

Ms. Willoughby.

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