Good evening everyone,

What a busy week in third class. We’ve learned a lot of new words in Irish: rothaíocht, marcaíocht, raicéid, bróga reatha and so many more. We played ‘Cluiche Kim’ today and we also played a game called ‘An Mhála Rúnda’. We also learned a new song which is called ‘Na Laethanta Saoire’. Can anyone remember what that word means?

In Maths we now know our 3s and 6s. We will be moving onto 9s soon. We also discovered some links and patterns between some of the times tables. This has made it a lot easier to learn.

In English, we have been looking at possessive apostrophes, our novel ‘Tom’s Sausage Lion’ and also doing some fantastic creative writing. We now know how to plan a story and we are doing to do our second draft next week.

We are looking at China in Geography and next week Zara D is going to bring in some chopsticks for us to see. if you have anything interesting at home, we would love to see it. Did you know that the some of earliest kites were invented in China?

Thank you to Ms O’Connor, Ms Kelly and Ms Duncan who have been helping us in Maths class. We have loved having your in our classroom.

Finally. we looked up how to post comments on our school blog and all of us know how 🙂

Please check out it is a great website for S.E.S.E and we’ve loved reading pieces from it in our lessons. You can click into the learning zone (Third and fourth class).

Looking forward to another busy week next week,

Ms Willoughby.

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